Brothers and Gentlemen interested in Masonry, join us for Coffee with Freemasons, every Wednesday from 9am to 12pm at Vegas 32.

If you’re interested in joining Masonry, you need to ask an existing member and declare your interest in joining the fraternity. A Mason is not allowed to ask you to become a lodge member. Masons deeply value their sacred obligations, they commit to supporting one another, and bettering themselves as pillars of society.

Before declaring that interest, make sure you learn about our ancient fraternity:

  • History of Vegas 32

    History of Vegas 32

    Vegas Lodge #32 F&AM holds the distinguished honor of being the oldest Masonic Lodge in Southern Nevada.

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  • The Grand Lodge of Nevada

    The Grand Lodge of Nevada

    Before the State of Nevada came into existence as a governmental body, all Nevada Masonic Lodges (eight in number) were on the Register of the Grand Lodge of California.

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  • A Brief on Masonic History

    A Brief on Masonic History

    Freemasonry is the world’s oldest fraternal organization, positively impacting the lives of millions of men worldwide.

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