Obtaining membership into the Freemasons is a little different from most other organizations one may wish to join. One of the most distinct differences is that Masons are not allowed to solicit the public for members. If someone wishes to become a Mason, they must take the first step and make their desires known to a Mason or a Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons within his community. Once that step is taken, the individual begins his journey on the path to becoming a Mason.

The next step in obtaining membership is filling out a petition, which must be signed by two members of the Lodge to which he is applying. If the candidate happens to know two Masons willing to recommend him, then he simply needs them to sign his petition. However, if a candidate doesn't know any Masons, then it will be necessary for him to take the time to get to know some Masons, and more importantly, give them a chance to get to know him.

There are a number of ways to get to know a Mason, but the easiest avenue for most is to come down to the Lodge of their choosing at a time when they know Masons will be in attendance. Here, at Vegas Lodge No. 32, we have created a morning Coffee Club to give Masons an opportunity to get together for coffee, donuts and some pleasant conversation. These morning events are open to anyone who desires becoming a member and presents a great opportunity for anyone to meet some of the members of the Lodge. Once the members are satisfied that the candidate is someone who will be a positive addition to the Lodge's membership, they will be happy to sign his petition.

After the petition has been submitted, the candidate will be contacted in order to make an appointment for their investigation. This is a casual meeting with three Lodge members in which they will ask questions directed at the candidate's desire to become a Mason. If the three Lodge members are satisfied with the answers, the petition will then be submitted to the Lodge, at which time the entire membership must vote upon the candidate's application, who will then be notified regarding the outcome of the vote. If the membership votes favorably, candidate will be contacted and informed when to appear for his initiation.

Once accepted into the fraternity, the candidate will be considered a brother of the Lodge, but he will not be a true member until he has successfully shown that he understands the rules of the Lodge, and takes an oath to uphold those rules.

If you have any further questions regarding membership, or how to join, you are welcome to contact Vegas Lodge No. 32 and we will be happy to answer your questions.


How does one become a Mason?

Many men live a lifetime and never know that they must ask for admission to the world's oldest, most purposeful and greatest fraternity. They do not realize that they will not be invited. They must come of their own free will and accord without persuasion. They must ask a Mason for a petition.

Why have I not been asked to join?

Unlike the members of other fraternal organizations, Masons do not solicit anyone to become a member.

The prescribed requirements for membership in Nevada are:

To become a Mason, a man must be of legal age (in our state, 18 years), sound of body and mind, free to make his own choices and he must express his personal belief in a Supreme Being. He must possess a good reputation in his community and be of good moral character. He must have been a resident of the State of Nevada for a period of at least one year and within the jurisdiction of the Lodge into which his petition will be presented for at least six months. His petition must be recommended by two Master Mason members of the lodge being petitioned.