Our Service to the Community


One of our fundamental philosophies in Freemasonry is to take good men and make them better. This core belief in the improvement of the individual also permeates outward towards the betterment of society as a whole. As such, the Masonic organization is one that firmly believes in supporting the community in which it exists; including locally, nationally and in some cases, internationally. We support a wide assortment of charities and youth organizations, focusing on those organizations that we feel best support the community at large.

In line with this desire to support the community, we are strong supporters of public education, believing that a well educated public is the key to an enlightened society. As such, we contribute to a number of directed public education programs here in the Las Vegas area.

The members of Vegas Lodge No. 32 are proud to support our community.





Requests for contributions (except Charity and Relief which go directly to the Worshipful Master) require the completion of the request form below.  When completed forward to: treasurer@vegas32.org and secretary@vegas32.org. Please direct questions to the Worshipful Master or the Treasurer.

Contribution Request (PDF)