Note: Unless stated otherwise, dinners will be held at 6:30pm
BEFORE the meetings

January 2019

Jan 4th, Friday
     5:30pm Trustee Meeting
     7:30pm Stated Meeting

Jan 11th, Friday
     7:30pm Entered Apprentice Degree

Jan 18th, Friday
     7:30pm Fellowcraft Degree

Jan 25th, Friday
     6:30pm Family Dinner
     Honor of Masonic Widows
     Wyas Wall Dedication

February 2019

Feb 1st, Friday
     5:30pm Trustee Meeting
     7:30pm Stated Meeting

Feb 8th, Friday
     7:30pm Entered Apprentice Degree

Feb 15th, Friday
     7:30pm Master Mason Degree

Feb 22nd, Friday
     6:30pm Family Dinner
     George Washington Commemoration
     Special visit by George Washington


From the Officers

From the East

First and foremost; thank you! I sincerely appreciate you placing your trust in me to lead Vegas 32 for the upcoming year and I assure you, I will take the responsibility very seriously.

We have a busy month already scheduled. After our stated meeting on January 4th, we will immediately go back to degree work with an EA degree on the 11th, and a Fellowcraft degree on the 18th. Please come to support the new officers in their ritual roles, and the new brothers we are bringing into our Lodge. We will be emphasizing a commitment to our Ritual performance this year and I’m sure that the teams performing them will certainly appreciate your attendance. As always dinner starts at 6:30 with the Lodge opening at 7:30.

I also want to invite you all to join us for Family Dinner on the 25th, when we as a Lodge will be honoring the widows of our departed brothers. If you know of any Masonic widow, please let them know that they and a guest are invited to our Lodge to be guests of honor as we reaffirm our Masonic commitment to care for them. In addition to that, we will be dedicating the Michael Wyas Wall, paying homage to a brother who has done so much for us and, as a part of his legacy, for our children and grandchildren through his scholarship endowments. The unveiling will be prior to the meal and will include a wonderful portrait of Mike, as well as a collection of photos and memorabilia highlighting his life and Masonic career. Please help us honor the memory of this amazing brother! Mark your calendars now, Family Dinners are back every last Friday of the month with the exception of our dark months and holidays.

We will not be having the monthly discussion group this year; in its place we will be hosting a course called the Master Craftsman Series. This is a seven section course that will take us from
January (actually starting January 17th) to November and will be emphasizing the symbolism of the Blue Lodge and the evolution of our ritual from its earliest days to what we as American Lodges use today. The course is based on the book “Esoterica” by Albert Pike (of Scottish Rite fame) and is a fascinating read. Each class will be taught as a lecture by various brothers and will conclude with an open book quiz. (Don’t worry; I’m pretty sure everyone will pass.) We will also have a light supper with each lesson and it will be open to all Master Masons. There is a cost associated with it of $20 but that includes the book itself (normally $60 on its own), the seven quizzes (with grading done by nationally recognized Masonic experts), and a certificate of completion and lapel pin at graduation. I have started the course myself and have absolutely developed a much greater understanding of the lessons that the ceremonies contain and an appreciation of the historical development of our Ritual. Signup sheets will be available at the Lodge and I encourage you to begin this journey of discovery with your brothers. BTW, if you already own the book or have previously started the class, there will be no charge to attend!

Please remember that we continue to provide transportation to the brothers that need rides to our events through Lyft. We love to see all of our brothers so if you have need of transportation to the Lodge call our Secretary, Bob Pool, so that he may book a ride for you.

See you at the Lodge,

Worshipful Master


From the West

Once again you have honored and humbled me by electing me to higher office within the Lodge. I am coming off a successful and rewarding year as Junior Warden. I loved my kitchen team and we are held by a stronger bond than usual in masonry.

I am really not certain what challenges I will encounter as Senior Warden this year. I am reading the code and bylaws again to try and get a clue. However, I’ll serve the Lodge and craft as best I can to protect our standing in Masonry and our harmony and fellow- ship in the Lodge.

Thank you all again,

Senior Warden

From the South

Happy New Year, Brethren! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday season.

First of all, I would like to thank you for electing me as your Junior Warden. It is my pleasure to serve our Lodge members and visiting brethren for the Masonic year of 2019. I will do the best of my ability to serve you sumptuous and palatial meals for every meeting. I would like to remind you that we will be having family-friendly dinners more often.

As the Junior Warden, rest assure that I will serve you with the fruits of labor; which are corn, wine and oil—the Masonic elements of consecration. “Wine that makes glad the heart of man, and oil to make his face to shine, and bread which strengthen man’s heart.”

See you at the lodge. Travel light!

Junior Warden


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