Note: Unless stated otherwise, dinners will be held at 6:30pm
BEFORE the meetings

November 2020

Nov 6th, Friday
     Official Visit of Grand Master Louis J. Castle,      5:30pm Truestee Meeting
     7:30pm Lodge Meeting

December 2020

Dec 4th, Friday
     5:30pm Truestee Meeting
     7:30pm Lodge Meeting

Due to the safety restrictions, the Lodge can have no more than fty (50) members at any meeting. If you’d like to attend the Stated Meetings, please con- tact the Lodge Secretary and let them know in order to reserve your place.

We don’t know whether or not we will be able to hold any degrees with the saftey restrictions in place. Should the Lodge decide to put on a degree, we will do our best to inform the brethren so they may attend.

From the Officers

From the East

We are starting our work again and there may be light at the end of the tunnel for Covid restrictions. As the virologists learn more, more of the restrictions are being eased or lifted. Since September, we have been able to pass Brother Anthony Tricoli, and in October we initiated brother Paul Gudmundson. So, we are working with what we have.

The November Stated Meeting has been included in the Grand Master’s scheduled events of the annual communication of the Grand Lodge. The Grand Master will be bringing some guests from other jurisdictions and has requested a presentation of some of our degree work. We are planning a degree lecture to comply with his request. There will also be another Masonic presentation to be made that evening that is special and particular to the Grand Master. If you can, plan to attend as it will be a first time event.

Remember, the Grand Master’s Covid restrictions are still in effect. Masks must be worn at all times except during the meal. The dining room will be set up according to the Covid edicts for social distancing. So seating may not be rearranged under any circumstance, except by order of the Most Worshipful Grand Master, Louis J. Castle II.

Reservations are required as it is expected that we will reach Covid capacity quickly.

Also, in November there will be a special Veterans Dinner on Wednesday, November 11th at 6:30pm, to honor our Vegas 32 veterans and dedicate our veterans wall of honor. Vegas 32 veterans: if you have not already done so, please call the office and list yourself for your nameplate on the wall. We will need your name, branch, conflict (i.e.: WWII, Korea, Vietnam, etc...) or the years you served (i.e.: 1969-73, 1943-45 etc....)

God bless you all and your loved ones.

Worshipful Master

From the West

I came across this story and thought it made some wonderful points - points worth sharing. Its from a story called Our Journey Together is So Short. It contains a beautiful message for all of us... so please take a minute:

A young man sat in a bus. At the next stop a loud and grumpy old man came and sat by him. He squeezed into the seat and bumped him with his numerous luggage & groceries.

The person sitting on the other side of the young man got upset, asked him why he did not speak up and say something.

The young man responded with a smile and said, “It is not necessary to be rude or argue over something so insignificant, the journey together is so short. I will get off at the next stop.”

This response deserves to be written in golden letters:

“It is not necessary to argue over something so insignificant, our journey together is so short.”

If each one of us realized that our time here in this world is so short - that darkening it with quarrels, futile arguments, not forgiving others, discontentment and a fault-finding attitude is a waste of time and energy.

Did someone break your heart? Be calm, the journey is so short.

Did someone betray, bully, cheat or humiliate you? Be calm and forgive, the journey is so short.

Whatever troubles anyone brings us, let us remember that our journey together is so short.

No one knows the duration of this journey. No one knows when their stop will come. Our journey together is so short.

Let us cherish friends and family & our Mason brothers. Let us be respectful, kind and most especially forgiving to each other. Let us be filled with gratitude and gladness that all of us are still stepping on this ground and not six feet under.

If I have ever hurt you, I ask for your forgiveness. If you have ever hurt me, you already have my forgiveness. As it is stated in our first degree lecture, “by the exercise of brotherly love, we are taught to regard the whole human race as one family, the high, the low, the rich and the poor, who being created by One Almighty parent and inhabitants of the same planet ought to aid, support and protect each other. And by this principle, masonry unites men in every country, sect and opinion and conciliates true friendship among those who otherwise have remained at perpetual distance.” Simply said, we as brothers—no matter what roots or ancestry you came from—all need to respect one another, show humility and kindness.

Our lodge is just like your home, built on a foundation of principles and morality, and as we go out into the real world, we should still practice what we’ve learned. We should always practice civility.

After all, Our Journey Together is so Short!

Senior Warden

From the South

The work in October was done with vigor and with such harmo- ny that any degree work for the
rest of the year and for the coming 2021 year will truly be something special.

As we enter the holiday months, we begin to focus on large meals and celebrations with family and friends. We have several large celebrations that we are planning at Vegas 32. The first will be the Stated Meeting on Friday, November 6th, where we will host the Most Worshipful Louis Castle II, members of Grand Lodge, and other invited dignitaries for a celebratory meal to kick off the Grand Lodge Communication. We will need assistance both in and out of the kitchen that night. Anyone interested in serving the craft that evening is encouraged to call or text me: 775-771-7268.

We are also planning to have a large celebration for Veteran’s Day, which has become a valued and emotional night of remembrance and gratitude to those that have so bravely served our great country. I am looking forward to providing our many veteran brothers with a memorable meal and evening. I hope that you too can join in this festive and thankful night.

As a follow up to my message last month, in these times where fellowship has been limited due
to Covid, please consider reaching out to a fellow brother and invite them out or to your table if that is within your ability to do so. There are several brothers that suffer from the destitution of brotherhood and friendship and could use the companionship of a meal, a quick drink, or even a phone call. If there are brothers reading this that are aching for this fellowship, yet do not know how or even whom to ask—please let me know so that we can notify the craft of how to contact you.

Continue to eat heartily of that Brotherly Love and Harmony. And when mental sustenance is not enough, we hope you’ll fill your belly from the Vegas 32 kitchen.

Junior Warden


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