Note: Unless stated otherwise, dinners will be held at 6:30pm
BEFORE the meetings

June 2018

June 1st, Friday
     5:30pm Trustee Meeting
     7:30pm Stated Meeting

June 2nd, Saturday
     Downey Visitation
     8:00am Breakfast
     9:00am Open Lodge
     6:00pm Dinner

June 9th, Saturday
     Family Fun Night
     Vegas 51's Game Night
     Tickets $10, contact Secretary 
     6:00pm Tailgate Party
     7:05pm Game

June 22nd, Friday
     Table Lodge
     6:30pm Dinner
     Masons Only

July 2018

July 13th, Friday
     Poker Night
     6:30pm Social Time
     7:00pm Tournament
     $20 buy-in

August 2018

Aug 18th, Saturday
     Vegas Lights Pro Soccer Game
     Cashman Field
     7:00pm Tailgate Party
     8:00pm Game

Aug 31st, Friday
     Annual Barbecue
     6:30pm Dinner

September 2018

Sep 7th, Friday
     5:30pm Trustee Meeting
     7:30pm Stated Meeting


From the Officers

From the East

Brethren, we are nearly at the end of the first half of 2018. Summer is upon us and we will continue to do Masonry over the Summer months. Below are additional details on the events we will be having even though we are officially dark. So, even though we won’t be holding stated meetings, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun.

June will bring us our Downey visitation on June 2nd. The date changed due to conflicting events in town. We will open Lodge on Saturday morning at 9:00 and spend the morning and afternoon in fellowship with our brothers from Downey. They will be put on a degree for us, we’ll enjoy lunch together, and then we will reconvene with spouses and friends at 6:00pm for a nice dinner buffet. The ladies from Downey will have a luncheon and activities that is open to our ladies as well. Please see brother SW, David Greigo if someone is interested in participating in the festivities.

June 9th is slated as a Lodge Family Fun event. We’re planning a 51’s baseball game with tailgate party. Game is at 7:05pm pregame will start at 6:00. Bring family and friends. Tickets are $10 a piece and are available through the Lodge Secretary.

June 22nd will be our annual Table Lodge which coincides with the Summer solstice. This will be a dinning event starting at 6:30 and will be open to all masons (no spouses please). Please come in formal attire.

Our Summer Poker Tournament is scheduled for July 13th, 6:30pm. Food, drink and table games. It has always been a good time.

August 18th will include more family fun. Las Vegas Lights FC, or professional soccer team at Cashman Field, with a tailgate party beforehand. The game is at 8:00pm, pregame will start at 7:00. Bring family and friends. Tickets will go on sale soon.

August 31st will be our Annual Family BBQ, dinner served at 6:30.

We are also looking for members of Vegas 32 to serve as Lodge ambassadors to other Lodges in an effort to keep informed with other Lodge activities, arrange Lodge visitations, and keep them informed of our activities. Membership in the other Lodge is not a requirement. If interested, please contact me for more information.

Do you enjoy having music in the Lodge? If so, then we need you. We would like to find someone who can assemble and play the clips of music to enhance the lodge experience. Please contact me if interested.

We have also been selected by the Grand Lodge to serve as a test ground for doing the degree lecturers on a separate night / day. We will be experimenting with possible alternative ways to do all of the lecturers grouped together on an alternative night or maybe just in a separate room. We will be doing more of a discussion type event so more details and more questions can be asked. We will be developing a plan over the Summer to implement in September. Come check out the new means to deliver our floor work.

The process of having top line signers for new candidates serve as election spokesmen, guides for the degree and following them through the degree process is going well. Thanks to all of those who have stepped forward to make this work.

Next Fall we will be introducing a supplement to our educational programs. A contest of sorts as there will be a cash prizes for the three (3) winners. So put on your thinking cap and prepare
to share some masonic light. Pick a Masonic topic, register with your topic with Greg Mannarino, do your research, prepare a paper/ white paper and write / prepare a presentation /or both. In October we will review all entrées. Topics can then be used for Masonic discussion group or may be presented in open Lodge. The person writing it does not have to be present. First place will be a cash prize of $250, second will be $175 and third will be $75

Worshipful Master


From the West

I am often struck by the realization that Freemasonry is truly an international institution. This comes home to me every time we recognize our Past Master and visitors during our communications. I am so impressed when we have members who are Past Masters of Lodges as far away as Italy, Guam, Japan, or Argentina. You add to that the myriad of guests that we are fortunate to attract from not only around the country but literally around the world! In recent months we’ve had brothers from Calgary, Alberta and a huge delegation from St. George, Utah, both groups of whom traveled extensively to be with us, to share their Friday night in Las Vegas at our Lodge, dining with us, enjoying our fellowship, and enriching our masonic ties. I certainly hope they get as much out of their visits as we get from theirs.

The reason I bring this up is because, frankly, I don’t understand why brothers are willing to drive (in the case of the Utah Delegation) close to three hours, or in the case of the Canadian brothers, fly at some expense with their main goal being to attend our meeting, when our own brothers won’t drive down to THEIR Lodge to attend the very same meeting. Its true...our sideliners were outnumbered by our visitors at the last Master Mason Degree. I guess I don’t know why that is; dinner was great (thanks Matt), the degree was wonderful (thank you all who assisted), and the fellowship was outstanding. If you weren’t there you missed something special...but more importantly, WE TRULY MISSED YOU!

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that we meet every Friday, you probably took your degrees on Friday nights, right? I understand the cable tows each of us have and I truly respect yours, but it would great to see more brothers in the Lodge for our meetings and degrees. Don’t tell anyone I said this, but I can understand if you need to leave early, I understand if you just had time to join us for dinner, I understand if you can’t make every meeting (unless you are an officer, but I’ll discuss that in a future column), but it sure would be nice to see you, just to catch up, break bread and enjoy each other’s company.

For those of you who can no longer drive at night, we are working on a way to get you to Vegas 32 and back home, but for those of you who are able to come down, please do. I truly want to shake your hand, say hello and see how you are doing. If there is a reason you have chosen to stop coming please call me. Lets talk, I want to know why we are no longer providing you the masonic experience that would keep you coming back (my number is listed in the officer list every month).

I am not trying to be “preachy” but I am concerned, and it is only by sharing that concern with you that we might be able to get to see you more often.

Remember; a Lodge does not refer to the building but to the collective group of brothers that support it. I certainly hope I see each of you as often as possible because without you, my brothers, we cannot be a true fraternity.

Senior Warden


From the South

I and my kitchen team have been having a great time preparing the meals for the Lodge during this first part of our year. It is a collaborative effort in my kitchen with every team member contributing his take on the dishes we prepare. We take pride in serving a diverse menu every week so as to keep the monotony ghoul from the Lodge.

On April 20th we had a great opportunity to present our culinary skills to visiting brethren who were the sitting Master, officers and brothers (12 in all) from St. George Lodge 33 in Utah. We also had the sitting Master, Senior Warden and Treasurer from Concord Lodge of Calgary Canada. One visiting brother from San Diego, and the sitting Master and five members from Sandy Valley Lodge. Sadly aside from the twelve officers sitting in Lodge we were represented by only about ten members of our Lodge. The team served a great meal that impressed all visitors that night.

As we draw the first half of the year to a close, we encourage you our brothers to come and celebrate fellowship with a hearty meal at the lodge on Fridays.

Junior Warden


To receive a past Trestleboard in PDF form, please email the Lodge's secretary