Note: Unless stated otherwise, dinners will be held at 6:30pm
BEFORE the meetings

May 2019

May 3rd, Friday
     5:30pm Trustee Meeting
     7:30pm Stated Meeting

May 10th, Friday
     7:30pm Fellowcraft Degree
     Kilted Degree

May 16th, Thursday
     6:30pm Master Craftsman Class
     Light Supper Provided

May 17th, Friday
     6:30pm Degree TBD

May 24th, Friday
     7:30pm Lecture

May 31st, Friday
     6:30pm Family Dinner

June 2019

June 7th, Friday
     5:30pm Trustee Meeting
     7:30pm Stated Meeting

June 14th, Friday
     Tiled Table Lodge
     6:30pm Dinner

July 2019

July 4th, Thursday
     Patriotic Parade
     Details to come

September 2019

September 6th, Friday
     5:30pm Trustee Meeting
     7:30pm Stated Meeting

From the Officers

From the East

We are almost halfway through the year, and what a year it has been! Our educational programs have been far more successful than I had ever imagined, the road trips have been well attended and frankly a lot of fun, and the attendance at the Family dinners has been amazing. Our ritual work is reaching new levels of excellence and our financial future has never been stronger. We continue to develop into the true Masonic Lodge that we have always had the potential to be and I want to thank all of you for your support of our activities. I will be announcing a number of future activities and actions at our May Stated Meeting, so please come by, join us for one of our Junior Warden’s amazing dinners (thanks Ressi) and feel the fraternal warmth pervading Vegas 32.

Speaking of Ritual, we will be having our “kilted” degree on May 10th. If you didn’t attend the last one, we will be holding a Fellowcraft degree but with brothers dressed in Kilts, Trewes, and tartans accompanied with bagpipe music. It’s a way for us to pay homage to the Scottish/Irish origins of our Ritual as well a chance to show off the clan regalia a number of us have. To add to the festiv- ities, we will be having a scotch tasting immediately following the degree! Bring a bottle of your favorite libation to share and the Lodge will be providing a few special selections for your enjoyment.

We will be having a lecture on the 24th by a wonderful, distinguished nationally recognized lecturer. We are still in negotiation on travel arrangements but this will be one event you shouldn’t miss. Of course we will be having our last family dinner prior to going dark for the summer on the 31th. I imagine we will be doing something a bit special, so please put it on your calendar now and remember to get there early, and always welcome others to your table.

I’m announcing this a little early; we will be celebrating the 111th anniversary of our chartering in June and will be celebrating this event with a Tiled Table Lodge here at the Temple. It will be the second Friday of June (the 14th), and I am planning all sorts of special programming to ensure that we will celebrate our anniversary in style. The Grand Master has been invited and we will be celebrat- ing the accomplishments of a number of our brothers. Lewis Jewels will be presented that night so if you are the son of a mason, or the father of a mason, please let me know so that we may order your jewel.

But wait—there’s more... we have even more activities coming up! This Summer, Vegas 32 will be marching in the Summerlin 4th of July Patriotic Parade. That’s right, we will be riding and walking with our very own float, costumed as George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere, and all the Masonic Signers of the Declaration of Independence. We will be demonstrating to the community that we as Masons were there laying the foundation of our great country and that we continue to exist and support the USA! If you will be in town and would be interested in being fitted for a costume, please let me know so that we can have one acquired for you.

I am so very proud to be your Master! Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

Worshipful Master

From the West

The junior deacon and myself are still on guard protecting the West. We hope and trust that you have had a spiritual and peaceful Easter.

We are rapidly approaching our Summer break, when we will have time to reflect on our Masonic journey in Vegas 32. Do not be discouraged. Trying times require courage and strong character, two traits not possessed by those seeking to undermine our brotherhood.

Senior Warden

From the South

Fraternal greetings from the meredian heights, my brothers.

As we begin our fifth month of this Masonic year with optimism, commitment and brotherly love, let us be especially thankful for the wonderful lodge within which we are blessed to meet.

Most of us know that many Grand Lodges were formed and founded in this month of May. Historically, they are the Grand Lodges of West Virginia, Missouri, Illinois and Maine. Another reason for Masons to be thankful this month.

As we reflect on the past and move forward this month in a positive fashion, please include our fellow brothers and families that are experiencing sickness and distress in your prayers. Be assured we will do everything possible to comfort those in need to bring comfort and joy into their lives.

We would like to remind that for our Stated Meeting this month we will be serving Mexican
food to commemorate “Cinco de Mayo,” which celebrates the Mexican Army’s victory over the French empire at the Battle of Puebla under the leadership of General Ignacio Zaragoza, a brother Mason.

In closing, let’s continue to remind ourselves to keep an open mind, shed light in a positive fashion, and maintain peace and harmony among us, as we gain further Masonic truth.

Travel light!
Be well, brethren.

Junior Warden


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