Note: Dinners will be held at 6:30pm
BEFORE the meetings

June 2017

June 2nd, Friday
     7:30 pm Stated Meeting
     Vote on Bylaw Change to Increase Dues

June 5th, Monday
     6:30 pm Masonic Discussion Group

June 20th, Tuesday
     7:30 pm Special Communication
     Master Masons of Vegas Lodge 32 only

June 20th-24
     Open House (Public Invited)

June 24th, Saturday
     6:00 pm Table Lodge ($15.00)
     300th Aniversary of Freemasonry
     Call David for Details

July 2017

July 3rd, Monday
     6:30 pm Masonic Discussion Group

July 22nd, Saturday
     8:00 am Stuper Saturday MM Degree
     Donuts for breakfast/Pizza for lunch

July 28th, Friday
     6:00 pm Poker Night

August 2017

August 7th, Monday
     6:30 pm Masonic Discussion Group

August 12th, Saturday
     8:00 am Stuper Saturday MM Degree
     Donuts for breakfast/Pizza for lunch

August 18th, Friday
     6:30 pm Annual BBQ

September 2017

September 1st, Monday
     7:30 pm Stated Meeting

Due Notice

A motion was made at the April Stated Meeting to raise the annual dues at Vegas Lodge 32 from $45 to $90.

The original intention was to discuss and vote on the motion at the Stated Meeting in May, but due to the Most Worshipful Grand Master’s Official Visit at that Stated Meeting, the motion was tabled and will therefore be discussed (and presumably voted upon) at June’s Stated Meeting.

This motion will constitute a change to our Lodge Bylaws, and as such, Due Notice is hereby given (again) to the Brethren.

Should you wish to be present for the discussions and the subsequent vote on this Bylaw change, your attendance is required at the next Stated Meeting to be held on Friday, June 2nd at 7:30pm.

From the Officers – June 2017

From the East

Finally, the last Stated Meeting before going Dark, and our work is yet to be completed.

We will have a very busy Summer on this year of 2017 (The Year of Reflection and the Year of Going Back to Values of Freemasonry).

I want to thank all of you for supporting me and helping me with your work. A master cannot function without his craft. The other day I was looking through my notes and I found a very interesting one:

What It Means to Be Worshipful Master?

“To become the model Master of a Lodge should be the ambition of every brother; and to discharge with effciency and zeal the duties of that office should be his most anxious desire.

“These duties are not confined to the mere repetition of a few phrases learned by rote, but he should be able to instruct the Craft, not only as to the meaning and origin of our ceremonies, but also to explain to them the philosophy which is veiled in its allegories and illustrated by its symbols.

“He should be able, also, to convince his brethren, that all science and all art, legitimately directed, are but lines that radiate toward the great ‘I AM’; that the sciences are the media by which we are led to contemplate the goodness, greatness, wisdom and power of the Great Architect of the Universe; and that the arts are the modes we have developed of expressing our sense and admiration of the wondrous glories of an Almighty Father which are scattered around us.

“The Master of a Lodge should also, in his life and in his conversation, be a model for his brethren to admire and imitate, and should himself practice, out of the Lodge, those great moral doctrines and virtues which he inculcates within its walls. He should be punctual and methodical in all things and, both by his character and conduct, command the respect, the esteem and the good-will of all men; for as the Master is supreme in his Lodge and distinguished by his position in the Craft, so should he also be distinguished as the possessor of an irreproachable character, a dignified demeanor, an expanded intellect, and a liberal education.

“... The Worshipful Master who presides over his Lodge with ability, firmness and decision (for without force of character, there can be no force of expression); whose manner is courteous yet dignified; whose decisions are consonant with reason and Masonic law; and who dispenses light and information among the Craft, will ever be regarded by his brethren as one who is entitled to their highest respect and most fraternal regard.”

Only time will tell if 2017 was really a year of success or just another year...

May Brotherly love prevail and every Moral and social virtue cement us.

Worshipful Master


From the West

Hard to believe we are wrapping up the first half of the calendar year. While we may be dark we will still be busy preparing for the second half of the year and reestablishing policies and procedures that need to be in place for the Lodge to operate smoothly per our bylaws.

As the accountants wrap up the audit process, we will be finalizing a budget that we will be implementing for the fourth-quarter of 2017. This will lay the ground work for the pending budget for the scal year of 2018 which will be presented to the Lodge in January.

Another topic which will be discussed concerns the establishment of a long term plan for building maintenance and modernization. We will be working the creation of a five-year plan so we
can implement proper budgeting which can then be followed and completed in a prudent manner, thereby preventing the need to redo earlier work or repairs.

If any brother would like to have input on either of these topics, please reach out to me, at

I look forward to hearing your constructive ideas on how we can continue to best serve Vegas 32. It all starts with a plan.

Senior Warden


From the South

The Summer is upon us and the Lodge is preparing to go dark, yet we still will have some social activities for you!

The first special event will be the celebration of the 300th Anniversary of Freemasonry for the United Grand Lodge of England, from which we trace our lineage, and we will be celebrating it in grand style.

To help celebrate this momentous anniversary we shall be hosting an Open House the week before the actual anniversary date of June 24th and we’re inviting the public to attend. We would like to ask brothers to make themselves available during this time to act as docents and answer questions about our Craft. The hours are tentatively scheduled for Tuesday thru Friday, June 20-23, from Noon till 8:00pm, with a special day on Saturday, June 24th from 10:00am until 4:00pm, at which time the Lodge will close its doors to prepare for a most special event: a Table Lodge to
celebrate the Tercentenary (300th anniversary) of modern Freemasonry. All Southern Nevada Masons are invited to attend, and we expect our Grand Master will be joining us for the evening. This is going to be a special, multi-course dinner with wine, we are asking each brother to pay $15 for the meal. You will receive a commemorative “cannon,” which is the glass used for the numerous ritual toasts. Attire is coat and tie, black tie optional with full regalia and decorations requested. Imagine joining together with a couple of hundred Brothers to celebrate this auspicious occasion in style!

Dinner will start with a social hour at 6:00pm, with the meal being served at 7:00pm. It is a Masonic meeting, so it will be restricted to Masons, but Entered Apprentices and Fellowcraft are welcome! As a symbolic gesture of our admonition to be charitable we are also asking each attendee to bring canned goods for a local food bank. This is one event that you do NOT want to miss my Brothers, or you will have to wait another 100 years for such an august occasion!

The other event of note will be a little less formal; our Poker Night in July! We will once again be having a Friday night poker tournament on July 28th. Social hour starts at 6:00pm, with the card play starting at 6:30. If you weren’t there for the last one (thank you Bill Cary, pm), you definitely want to come “swim with the sharks” for this one. The Lodge will be providing dealers, beer and wine, lessons (if you need them), and plenty of pizza, wings and other artery clogging snacks. There is a $20 buy in, and re-buys will be available. Brother Walt Galvin is the reigning champ and the payouts are in real cash!

Finally, the Annual Lodge Barbecue will be held on Friday, August 18th at 6:30pm. This will be our Welcome Back family dinner and as always, it will be ah-may-zing! We won’t have seen each other that much over the Summer, so, hopefully, you will come down, catch up with your Brothers, eat lots of good food and enjoy the fellowship that makes our Lodge so wonderful. By the way, if you are a “Grill-master” we can always use help with the grilling, please let me know!

If you need me, check the kitchen... that’s where Junior Wardens can always be found!

Junior Warden


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