Note: Unless stated otherwise, dinners will be held at 6:30pm
BEFORE the meetings

March 2019

Mar 1st, Friday
     5:30pm Trustee Meeting
     7:30pm Stated Meeting
     Grand Master's Official Visitation

Mar 8th, Friday
     7:30pm Entered Apprentice Degree

Mar 15th, Friday
     7:30pm Master Mason Degree

Mar 21st, Thursday
     6:30pm Master Craftsman Class
     Light Supper Provided

Mar 22nd, Friday
     Lecture (TBD)

Mar 29th, Friday
     6:30pm Family Dinner
     Masonic Youth Observation

April 2019

Apr 5th, Friday
     5:30pm Trustee Meeting
     7:30pm Stated Meeting

Apr 12th, Friday
     7:30pm Degree TBD

Apr 18th, Thursday
     6:30pm Master Craftsman Class
     Light Supper Provided

Apr 19th, Friday
     7:30pm Degree TBD

Apr 26th, Friday
     6:30pm Family Dinner
     Masonic Public Education Recognition with
     John S. Park Elementary


From the Officers

From the East

March will be yet another very busy month for Vegas 32; Our Stated Meeting will be on March 2nd and will also be the night that our Grand Master, the Most Worshipful Stephen V. Robison, Jr. will be making his Official Visitation with our Lodge. MW Stephen will come, accompanied by his corps of officers, to join us for dinner, observe our business proceedings and deliver his message to all the brothers. It will be a shorter meeting than usual, and we will have plenty of time for desserts, coffee, wine and beer afterwards. If you have not yet met our Grand Master, he is a delightful gentleman and it will truly be our honor to host him (and his entourage) with that famous Vegas 32 hospitality.

It will be an early night for some of us however, as several brothers will be leaving to UCLA the following morning, March 3rd, to attend the eighth annual International Masonic Conference. This is a renowned annual presentation by the university, with speakers from around the world presenting on masonic history. We will be traveling by van, leaving at 4:00am (!!!) to attend this day long program. Rather than driving back that day the Lodge will be providing an overnight
stay in downtown Los Angeles and we shall return on Sunday morning. It is an educational program paid for by Vegas 32 and all brothers are invited to attend, please let the Secretary know that you will be joining us.

The following Fridays will be degrees (schedule to be announced), and the meeting on the 22nd we will have a lecture by a nationally renowned speaker/author (also to be announced). The last Friday will be our family dinner. This month has been proclaimed by our Grand Master as masonic Youth Observance Month. We will be honoring our youth groups (Rainbow Girls, Job’s Daughters, and Demolay) at our dinner, hear of their programs and get to know more about these amazing youth leadership development programs that we as Masons support. As always, if you need transportation to the Lodge for any of our activities, please call the Secretary so that a ride can be arranged.

I am really heartened with the number of brothers participating in our educational programs...the Master Craftsman class, the UCLA Conference, the degrees and lectures, and I want to tell you that we have more programs coming up. I realize that not everyone can take the time to travel to the various symposiums and conferences but if you can it will be a wonderful opportunity to hear and share new ideas and information with brothers from all over the world. If you can’t don’t worry we are bringing some very exciting lectures to Vegas 32 and our Historian will soon be making a number of new literary acquisitions for the library which he will be sharing with us soon. I firmly believe that learning is much more fun when we undertake it with our brothers, so let us together seek the light that is masonry.

One more reminder about our Schol- arship programs; if you have children or grandchildren we have scholarships available. Have them apply on our website so they can be considered for up to $3000 per year (dependent on academic achieve- ment). Also, if you know a student in need we also have scholarships for those kids who can demonstrate a financial need, regardless of their masonic affiliation. The website has all the details.

Worshipful Master

From the West

Brethren, after the experience of the Stated Meeting on February 1st, 2019, I tell you once more that I will protect the West as best I can. I have nothing more to say!

Senior Warden

From the South

Fraternal greetings from the meridian heights. First of all, we would like to congratulate our newly raised brothers to the sublime degree of Master Mason last month.

We would like to remind the brethren that our scheduled Grand Master Official Visit will be on March 1st, 2019. May we invite you all to join us to welcome our Grand Master Most Worshipful Steven V. Robison, Jr.

Our kitchen crews will prepare sumptuous dinner and we do believe you will enjoy it. Everybody is welcome!

On this month of March, according to our Masonic history, two great events happened. First, on March 3rd, 1753, former president George Washington received his Fellowcraft Degree in Fredericksburg Lodge in Virginia.

Secondly, on March 6th, 1775, several black men—including one named Prince Hall—were initiated into Freemasonry in Boston, Massachusetts. That was the beginning of what became a huge movement or organization in the U.S. known as Prince Hall Masonry, composed mainly of African-Americans.

See you all at the Lodge, Brethren. Be well.

Junior Warden


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