Note: Dinners will be held at 6:30pm
BEFORE the meetings


May 2017

May 1st, Monday
     6:30 pm Masonic Discussion Group

May 5th, Friday
     7:30 pm Stated Meeting

May 12th, Friday
     7:30 pm Entered Apprentice Degree

May 19th, Friday
     7:30 pm Fellowcraft Degree

May 26th, Friday
     6:30 pm Family Dinner

Due Notice

A motion was made at the April Stated Meeting to raise the annual dues at Vegas Lodge 32 from $45 to $90.

This will constitute a change to our Lodge Bylaws, and as such, Due Notice is hereby given to the Brethren.

Should you wish to be present for the discussions and the subsequent vote on this Bylaw change, your attendance is required at the next Stated Meeting to be held on Friday, May 5th at 7:30pm.


From the Officers – May 2017

From the East

It feels as if we are living in a time and place where we are surrounded by more ignorance than knowledge.

Manly P. Hall once said, “When the mob governs, man is ruled by ignorance; when the church governs, he is ruled by superstition; and when the state governs, he is ruled by fear. Before men can live together in harmony and understanding, ignorance must be transmuted into wisdom, superstition into an illuminated faith, and fear into love.”

My brothers, I want to impress upon you that when I took the obligation at our alter, just like the rest of you, it truly meant something to me. ose promises we made extend beyond this physical world, becoming something bigger than us. I realized at that moment that I was just a traveler through this life, and how very fortunate I was to have found our teachings and our Craft.

During the rest of my life, whatever came across my path, I knew I must follow the pure principals of our Fraternity, those principals which I received at Altar of Freemasonry. We must work diligently to find the divine wisdom not only around us but within us, and to eradicate the ignorance, tyranny and greediness which surrounds us.

We should always remember, “We meet upon the level,” because our Masonic rights, duties, and privileges are the same for all members, regardless of distinction, creed or beliefs.

I realize this may come o as harsh or demanding, but I feel I must ask that you do your job and not attempt to fulfill the responsibilities of others. Imagine if all of us could just do our designated job, ful lling our obligation to our brothers, accepting the duties appointed to use for this year of serving the craft.

We do not need to have 30 years of experience in the lodge. We simply need to commit to this one year and be there 100%. Being in the same position for too long risks damaging the craft, inhibiting the ability of others to contribute to the fraternity. Don’t let yourself believe that you are irreplaceable... life will go on with or without you, including myself. All you need for evidence of that fact is to look back at the ten-thousand years of history on our planet.

My grandfather once told me, “He wants to life his life at least ten years as a Lion, then 100 years as a Cat!” He proved himself right.

There is no way on this Universe to spend your life purely as a Receiver and not act in some part as a Giver.

Our Grand Architect of the Universe teaches us to give of ourselves and ask nothing in return because whatever we give of ourselves here we will receive in Eternity.

Leave your life to the principals of our craft and learn to give more while expecting less in return. Be compassion- ate, be kind, love your brothers and live your life as a True Mason.

May Brotherly love prevail and every Moral and social virtue cements us.

Worshipful Master


From the West

As most of you have seen, we have a pretty hefty back log of pending brothers waiting for the conferral of their MM degrees. This presents opportunities for brothers on the side lines to get active and engage in the joy of ritual work.

I am still encouraging anyone who would like to participate to come forward and learn new parts or take on new roles. All parts are open and I will be happy to work with you to help you master the work. Come enjoy the work, learn and experience the pride of being a part of a brother’s rising.

Senior Warden


From the South

Can you believe that it is already May? is year is moving fast and soon we will be going dark for the Summer, but we still have a couple of notable dinners coming up. The first is the family dinner on Friday, May 26. It will be our last family dinner before we go dark and it leads into the Memorial Day weekend so we may try to do something fun for everybody.

The family dinners continue to grow in popularity and attendance so please have a little patience as we try to get everyone through the buffet lines. I also know that seating gets a little tight so take it as an opportunity get acquainted with someone you may not know well and ask them to join you at your table.

Our other big dinner will also be the last brother’s get together we have before the Summer break. On Friday, June 17 we will be hosting a very special event commemorating the 300th anniversary of the Grand Lodge of England. Our celebration will be an actual “Table Lodge.” I know many of you have never experienced this type of Lodge event before but it is quite historical and very enjoyable. It is an actual Lodge meeting held around the dining tables with very impressive toasts held in a ritualistic manner. Everything is choreographed, including the subjects which we toast and the way we bring the “cannons” (a militaristic term for the special
wine glasses we will be using) to our lips. Wine will be served for each of the numerous toasts, along with grape juice for those who choose not to imbibe. Other Lodges have hosted these events, but I haven’t seen one at Vegas 32 for many years. Because it is a Lodge meeting, only brothers will be participating. This dinner will be open to any Mason in Southern Nevada and will carry a nominal cost of $15 per man, but you will get a commemorative cannon (drinking glass) and a very fine meal. We will be preparing fliers to distribute to the other Lodges and if you travel we may ask you to announce the program at their meetings.

This anniversary is the largest event in the history of modern Freemasonry and we want to celebrate it in style with our brothers. It becomes even more amazing when you realize Brothers around the world will be celebrating this special occasion on the same night, at the same time (given time zone differences). You don’t want to miss this one, if you do you’ll just have to wait for the 400th anniversary in 2117!

One last thing; I do want to thank all the brothers who help out in the kitchen. I am always hesitant to list these amazing men by name because I would never want to accidentally miss anybody. Please know that we are grateful to you all, I and the stewards could simply not serve the meals that we do without some of you stepping up and helping us. Whether it is assisting by dishing out the food, washing pots and pans, or just carrying out the trash, it is all welcome and most sincerely appreciated. On that note I am going to put the call out now; if you can assist with set-up or clean-up at any dinner please feel free to jump in! We never turn down assistance... never!!!

See you all at dinner,

Junior Warden


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