Note: Dinners will be held at 6:30pm
BEFORE the meetings

December 2017

December 8th, Friday
     Installation of Officers
     6:00pm Reception
     6:30pm Installation
     Dinner to follow


From the Officers – October 2017

From the East

I am very pleased with our performance in the month of September. It was nice that some of our Brothers showed up not only for the Stated Meeting, but also to provide us with instruction and opinions on how to drive the Lodge to become better at leadership.

Remember, it is easy to sit back, watch from the sidelines and judge what you see, but it is far harder to get involved and be proactive in the activities of the Lodge.

I would like to ask those of you who don’t show up regularly for Lodge to count and determine how many degrees did you have participated in, or how many plates you’ve cleaned when you came to the lodge?

I am not judging you, nor am I trying to put you down, but the next time you look in the mirror, ask yourself did I do everything I could to help my brothers? Did I contribute something to the craft? Make two columns my brothers: Pro and Con:

If in the Pro column you cannot list at least five good things in the last month that you did for the benefit of the Craft, that means you are falling behind in your duties to your fellow Brothers.
If you fail your Brothers and the Craft, then you should look into your conscience and determine if you can do better, not only for your Brothers, but for yourself.

Remember, the enemy of Freemasonry is IGNORANCE.

Manly P. Hall said:

“No true Mason can be narrow, for his Lodge is the divine expression of all broadness. There is no place for little minds in a great work.”

An ancient philosopher once said: “He who has not even knowledge of common things is a brute among men. He who has an accurate knowledge of human concerns alone is a man among brutes. But he who knows all that can be known by intellectual energy, is a God among men.”

Man’s status in the natural world is determined, therefore, by the quality of his thinking. If one’s mind is enslaved to his bestial instincts he is philosophically equivalent to the brute, but he whose rational faculties ponder human affairs is a man; and he whose intellect is elevated to the consideration of divine realities is already a demigod, for his being partakes of the luminosity with which his reason has brought him into proximity. In his encomium of “the science of sciences” Cicero is led to exclaim: “O philosophy, life’s guide! O searcher—out of virtue and expeller of vices! What could we and every age of men have been without thee? Thou hast produced cities; thou hast called men scattered about into the social enjoyment of life.”

My Brothers please be more involved and come to the Lodge and be among your Brothers. We all share a common belief, to become like HIM, and complete the work and finish the temple of our Grand Master.

Worshipful Master


From the West

Fall is upon us, the Masonic year is nearing its end and as we reflect on the events of 2017 we start to wonder about what may come next. 2017 has been, well... turbulent, but our Masonic faith has kept us together and much has been learned. As I reflect on the events of this year I find myself pondering an old Robert Frost poem:

Two trails diverged in the yellow woods, one was well worn...

As I see it, the well worn trail was the one we at Vegas 32 had traveled. It was easy, we just followed what we were told was the Vegas 32 way, but as a Lodge, we had gradually diverted from following the rules, codes and bylaws that are the foundations upon which Lodges should be built. We chose not to have budgets, not to use or follow established Grand Lodge programs, we became complacent and we were lead to believe to this is the way it has always been done. But it eventually led to bickering, descent, and as a result, we failed to guard the West.

However, returning to Frost’s poem, the other trail was less worn because it required work and dedication to the rules. Those rules which keep all of us on the level, keep us straight and upright men, kind and loving of our Brothers.

We are not so far down the first trail that we as Masons can not right our course. We need bridges more than complaints. But my brothers, Grand Lodge has provided us with tools that are available to us, including; Mentoring programs, Redbooks for instruction, leadership development resources, DGL resources, and guidelines for offcers.

Over the coming weeks I hope to share with you the ways in which we can implement programs through numerous committees. Committees can help us breakdown programs into small, manageable parts, to allow numerous people to be involved without a huge commitment of time. There is so much more to Masonry than ritual. Let us all walk the road less traveled together and rebuild Vegas 32.

On that note, we will be having our first Masonic Leadership Academy on October 14th, where we will share details on the Grand Lodge programs, how the Lodge is intended to function, how its organized so everyone can learn and understand the working tools of our Lodge. I invite all people Brothers who want to gain knowledge, this isn’t just about line offcers or those who embrace ritual. Sideliners, past masters, anyone who wants to be an active member. Please reach out and talk to me about being a part of our future.

I hope to see us embrace these tools next year and use them to guard the West, bring education and more light to our Lodge for all Brothers. As a Lodge we are blessed with a vast pool of individuals who can—with a little effort and time—help Vegas 32 live up to its potential. We all have experienced at one time or another the spirit of Masonry. Become involved, help us rebuild the Masonic programs, and by your actions become a better Mason, get more out of the program, Embrace the Spirit and Leave a Legacy.

Senior Warden


From the South

Many of you have been around long enough to know that our offcer elections are held during December’s Stated Meeting. Perhaps you have even thought about possibly holding an office in order to more actively serve the Lodge. In order to better prepare more Brothers for that transition to leadership, we are going to try something new for Vegas 32; the first Masonic Leadership Academy.

If you will give us a day, we will give you an education! We are going to be covering every aspect of Lodge operations as well as providing you with the materials and information you need to be better informed about the history, finances and workings of our Lodge. We will have presentations on the financial structure of the fraternity; on the Nevada Masonic Code and our Bylaws, on our new member processes (intake and mentoring) and a refresher on our signs and ceremonies, along with other informational topics and a chance to openly and honestly discuss with your Brothers the direction we want Vegas 32 to go.

We will ask a full day of you, with the program scheduled from 7:30am to 4:00pm on Saturday, October 14th, here at the Temple. We will be serving breakfast, lunch, and snacks but ask that you plan on staying for the full day as each component taught is a necessary part of Lodge operations.

Due to the advanced nature of some of the information which will be presented this Leadership Academy, it is only open to Master Masons of Vegas 32. You will receive all the materials necessary to follow along with the topics; copies of the Nevada Masonic Code, Lodge Bylaws, Grand Lodge materials and a handy briefcase to hold it all in. We truly want as many Brothers as are available to attend this free event.

More information and sign-up procedures are elsewhere in this Trestleboard.

On another note; Halloween is coming! Our family dinner will be taking a child friendly, yet spooky
turn! We are asking that the kids come dressed in costume on Friday October 27th at 6:30pm for our family dinner. We are going to try to have our own “Trunk or Treat” for them after the meal. What that means is they will be escorted around the designated area of the parking lot to the cars of different Brothers. The cars can be decorated for the season or simply be cars/trucks but at each stop candy and/or treats will be handed out to the kids! If you would like to participate please let me know so that we can reserve a spot for you and your vehicle. It should be a lot of fun! Just a reminder: this will be the last family dinner until the Holiday Party in December.

It is a pleasure serving you my Brothers, and if you need me I’ll be in the kitchen!

Junior Warden


From the Acting Secretary

Well, after seeing the long-winded contributions from the officers, I’ll try to keep my comments short.

I need to alert all of you that we cannot accept dues payments for 2018 until after Grand Lodge takes place. Being that we at Vegas 32 voted to update our bylaws to raise our annual dues, now we need to wait until Grand Lodge ratifies those changes. So, we won’t know whether next year’s dues will be $46 or $90 until after Grand Lodge is over. I assure you, Phil and I are already working on getting ourselves ready for mailing out dues notices once we get the decision from Grand Lodge. We’re just waiting for the starting gun...!

On a personal note, I want to apologize for not being in the office regularly these last few weeks. Beth and I have been moving, and with her working extra hours at her job, most of the packing, moving, patching, painting, fixing and cleaning has been left to me. Fortunately, I am finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. I humbly ask for your patience as I wrap up this moving situation. No one wants it to be over with more than me, I assure you. And once it is completed, I intend to give the office all the time and consideration it deserves.

As always, looking forward to seeing you all in Lodge.



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