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Outdoor Degree

On August 16th 2014, at the Lodge of  St. John #18 in Pioche, we had annual outdoor degree.
We had our own Brother Dean Bingham as the candidate and the Lodge was well represented with around 30 guys there, including most of your officer corps and our own RW Mark Mancha, and Jerry Japczyk was there, too. You know it’s a big deal when you see Jerry there. Lots of other
guys from the lodge were there and we had about 75 MM’s for the degree and the GM John Buffington’s message.

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Downey Visit 2014







John S Park Elementary School
Bikes for Books, May 2014


George Washington Observance

Bro. Harry Christopher


Feb. 28, 2014

Our very special guest at last nights family dinner; Brother George Washington ( Worshipful Harry). He is actually wearing a replica of the masonic apron presented to him by the Brother Marquis de Lafayette. The original is in the museum of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, but this beautiful reproduction was acquired by Vegas 32 for permanent display in our Lodge.







February 21





Degree team for Saturday, February 21, 2014.




Degree Team








Degree team for Saturday, February 15, 2014.